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When Jennifer graduated from HGTC in 2012 her dream was to open a childcare center to help with children’s growth and development.  Her dream went on hold for a while and then she contacted SCORE Grand Strand for assistance with starting a new business. She soon found out she was not equipped with the proper real estate or funding requirements. She researched other possibilities and started to entertain a different concept to childcare. Learn N Play was then developed as Myrtle Beach’s first drop-in childcare. The closest drop-in facility was in Charleston, SC.  SCORE mentors assisted her with a checklist of what types of things she would have to check off before she opened her new business. Architectural representatives were suggested and she did a great job figuring out what she needed to do with regard to the Horry County requirements. Jennifer will readily admit it has been a struggle getting a business started while being a wife and mom, but she has persevered with ever-ending patience knowing full well her dream was desperately needed for young families in the Carolina Forest area of Myrtle Beach. Currently, LEARN N PLAY CHILDCARE is the only facility in the Grand Strand. Jennifer will employ two assistants and a bookkeeper.

Questions for Jennifer:

Jennifer Roberts

  1. What advice would you give about this experience?
    1. Make sure you do your research and know what is required to open a childcare. Also know that it is not easy to open a business, so have time and patience.
  2. How did your education assist you with your dream of opening a childcare facility?
    1. Knowing the impact that early childcare providers play in a child’s life was important to me and my education helped me prepare to impact children’s lives. When I was getting my degree at HGTC, there was a class towards the end that required students to create a business model with a budget. This helped me understand the process of starting a childcare facility.
  3. How would you describe your experience with your SCORE mentor(s)?
    1. My experience with SCORE has been amazing. The mentors have been really involved and helpful throughout the whole process.
  4. How did your passion for childcare help with your desire to open a facility?
    1. The impact we play on ages birth to 5 years are crucial in a child’s learning. Knowing this, made my decision easier because I want to help children in the community learn between these ages. While getting my degree, I was told that between ages birth to 5 years, “their brains are like a sponge” and this gave me the passion to pursue my career and open my own facility.
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