Karen Sauls, ESQ

Karen Sauls has been a Grand Strand Volunteer since September 2009 and a Nationally ‘Certified Mentor’ since December 2015 and our current Chapter Chair for fiscal year 2019.

She has been a practicing attorney since 1997 and currently owns and operates Sauls Law Firm, P.C. in Conway, South Carolina.  She also works as a Lecturer at Coastal Carolina University teaching classes in Business Law, Commercial Law, Business Communication and Real Estate Law.

She graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and went on to attend Saint Louis University School of Law where, in addition to her law degree, she earned a Certificate in International and Comparative Law.

She is licensed to practice law in South Carolina, Missouri and Illinois.

Doug Ayrer

Doug Ayrer has been a Grand Strand SCORE volunteer since March 2018 and a Nationally ‘Certified Mentor’ since April 2017.

Doug is highly experienced in accounting, financial management, budgeting and bookkeeping, with non-profit knowledge. His career spans 30+ years in government finance and auditing.  

 Doug started his career as a general accountant for TransAmerica-De Laval. Then transitioned to local government financial management. Certified Municipal Finance Officer and Public Manager. Also experienced in completing yearly tax preparation. Worked with State Officials to audit and restructure municipality financial records. Educator at Rutgers University teaching accounting for non-profits, principles of financial management and budgeting. 

Since retirement and relocation to South Carolina, Doug has become passionate about Tennis. 

Tracy Bailey Ph.D

Dr. Bailey has experience with SCORE both as a mentor and as a client. Dr. Bailey started her non-profit Freedom Readers with the help of a SCORE mentor. This makes Dr. Bailey a perfect fit to become a SCORE certified mentor and return to the community the knowledge and experience she has acquired developing her own business. 

Dr. Bailey earned a Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Language and Literacy at the University of South Carolina in May of 2013. Tracy seeks to instill in teachers, students, and the community at large the belief that every student can learn and every learner has the responsibility to pass on new knowledge to another.

Dr. Bailey began her career in education as a high school English instructor. After realizing the impact of professional development  and community literacy on her personal and professional growth, she decided to take her work to the streets. Since then her passion for teaching and learning has taken her around the country, and she has had the opportunity to be a part of the success of hundreds of students and teachers.

She is married to award-winning writer, Issac J. Bailey, and is the mother of two wonderful children, Kyle and Lyric.

Dr. Bailey earned her BA from The College of Charleston- majoring in English Education- and a Masters in Secondary Education from Coastal Carolina University.

Raymond Binis


Raymond A. Binis was Chairman of the Board/CEO of ECM Inc., a management consulting firm. He also served as the Director of the Management Center at the University of Cincinnati and the Coordinator of Management Programs at Cornell University Nyssilir Extension. Previously, he was an Assistant VP at Marine Midland Bank. Mr. Binis was also a Plant Manager with Continental Can, Corporate HR Manager at Spaulding Fiber Corp. and both a Design Engineer and Training Director for ACF Industries. He is the past president and Trustee of the Creative Education Foundation.

Mr. Binis has been a consultant to banking, school districts, universities, businesses and government in areas of efficiently studies, redesign of management organization, restructuring of company operations and labor contract negotiations. He has a B.S. in Psychology from New York State University at Fredonia, a Master's Degree in Behavior Science, from New York State University at Buffalo, and a PE from Buffalo Technical School.





Robert Goroski

Robert Goroski has been a Grand Strand SCORE volunteer since May 1991 and a Nationally ‘Certified Mentor’ since June 2013. He has also been the Chapter Chairman twice.

Bob worked as a product designer and draftsman in several companies since 1961. In 1966 became a co-founder of a small, electronic manufacturing company in CT. His expertise is in manufacturing and product design. He has been a South Carolina resident since 1991 and a SCORE counselor in Connecticut as well as in Myrtle Beach


Jim Helfgott

Jim has been a Grand Strand SCORE volunteer since April 28, 2017, and a `Nationally Certified Mentor' since August 1, 2017. 

Jim has been a professional business manager and leader for over 35 years’ and his industry knowledge has been helpful to organizations in many valuable ways. Small businesses struggle with setting up organizational and operational standards  and deal with internal operation issues as well. Jim’s many years’ in sales and marketing will bring extensive experience to the development and execution of marketing plans. Sound familiar to your business? Often setting up and completing sales plans can be very problematic for the 'do it all' manager. Jim can help make sure those plans are in place and the methods for achieving them are being properly used.

Jim’s career has many facets, one of which is the telecommunications industry, including the service and product side. He has much to offer any service sector business.  He also brings to the table, extensive International experience as well, so if your business is working internationally, he may be able to provide some additional perspective.


  • Business Operations and organization
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Product Development
  • Sales, Marketing & Public Relations


  • Telecommunications
  • Service Delivery
  • Retail sales
  • International Trade


  • BA, Hofstra University
  • Advanced studies, American University and IMD Switzerland

Chet Herman

Chet has been a SCORE volunteer since June 2011 and a nationally  'Certified Mentor' since July 2012.

Chet graduated with an engineering degree from Pratt Institute in New York . After working for Grumman Aircraft, became a full time musician and then a restaurant owner in Huntington and St. James, NY. Then moved to SC and became owner and operator of a fine dining restaurant in Myrtle Beach and Litchfield, SC.

Karen Herman

Karen has been a SCORE volunteer since June 2011, and a nationally  'Certified Mentor' since July 2012.

Karen Graduated with a Finance and Banking degree from Hofstra University in New York. She and husband Chet owned and operated fine dining restaurants in Long Island, NY. After moving to South Carolina in 1989, they became owner/operators of two successful fine dining restaurants in Myrtle Beach and Litchfield, SC.

John Lamoree

John Lamoree graduated from Mount Saint Mary's college in May 1985, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He joined a bank in March 1963 and held various positions in the bank for 44 years, retiring in March 2006. During his career in the bank, he worked in commercial lending, managing a team of four lenders, with an annual loan goal of $40 Million. John was Chairman of the Board of the Greater Southern Dutchess Chamber of Commerce in 2000, and has been in the Chamber for 15 years. He has held every elected position. John also was active in many other organizations and held the position of president in all of them.


Walter Lassiter

Walter Lassiter has been a Grand Strand SCORE volunteer since April 2016 and a Nationally ‘Certified Mentor’ since May 2016.

Walter is a retired educator having taught middle and high school for 41 years. His area of expertise is in trade and industrial education with an emphasis on drafting, graphic arts, and pre-engineering. He also taught at various community colleges and adult high school. Also, worked with Sylvan Learning Systems and currently volunteer my time with ‘Freedom Readers’ along with Grand Strand SCORE. Taught high school, middle school and community college. He also owned a printing brokerage company. Walter has a Bachelors degree in Industrial Arts from Appalachian State University with teaching certificate. Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte with a Supervisors certificate. Project Lead the Way certified in Principles of Engineering, Digital Electronics, and Computer Integrated Manufacturing.




Leo T. Mellow

Leo became a SCORE Volunteer in June of 2010 and has been a nationally ‘Certified Mentor’ since August 2012.

He is a retired business banker. Just prior to retiring Leo was VP Portfolio Manager (2001-2006) with Smith Whiley & Company. He was responsible for generating deal flow by establishing working relationships with intermediaries, investment banks and private equity firms, commercial banks and other commercial lenders. In addition, was responsible for investment underwriting including; selection and analysis, and transaction pricing.

Leo moved on to Fleet Bank and Antecedents (1982-2001) where he held many positions as VP; Relationship Manager – Financial Institutions, evaluating, grading and reporting portfolio risks to Credit Administration. Analyzed economic / industry trends to ascertain short and long term implications.

Leo also was a credit officer with NBD Corporation from 1979-1982 where he managed and conducted analysis of commercial loan portfolios.

He was also a Branch Manager with Citibank from 1973-1979, where he actively managed two branches and responsible for consumer financial services, and retail products designed for small businesses, and training of all branch personnel.

Leo graduated from University of Detroit – MS - Economics and University of Bridgeport – BS.

Leo is well equipped to mentor SCORE clients whether thery are just starting a business or looking to grow an existing one.

Ron Opher

Ron has been a Grand Strand SCORE volunteer since April 2017 and a Nationally ‘Certified Mentor’ since August 2017.

Ron is looking forward to utilizing his prior experiences to help his future SCORE clients.  He has a varied background and combining that with a natural ability and desire to listen and get to the heart of the matter in identifying and assisting clients in solving their most pressing business issues - both short and long-term.

In his law practice, he helped many clients with business strategies, operations and cash-flow/ROI oriented decisions.

As a sole owner of the law practice, as well as building other businesses from the ground up, Ron has developed expertise in business development, from the start-up phase to a mature phase. He considers himself particularly well-versed in marketing, especially in evaluating the best methodologies of in-person networking, public relations and web-based marketing.

Ron also recognizes how vitally important crossing over from the success of the business being mostly about the efforts of its owner/founder in wearing all hats to the efforts of its owner/founder in learning which tasks to delegate/manage and how to go about building a team of people to advance the business - and he will likely help the client keep an eye on that issue even if the business is not ready to be bigger than you today.

Ron also had first-hand experience in founding a charity and in serving on nonprofit boards, where governance and protocols are both important and different than in the for-profit world.

Professional Experience:

Law degree practiced 1989-2013 primarily working for businesses and financial institutions on the credit side. Entrepreneur (The Center on Central 2009-present). Founder of Daddy's Spirit charity (2005-2014). A Myrtle Beach enthusiast, real estate investor and holder of a South Carolina real estate broker's license. For further info on Ron, please view his profile on LinkedIn.








Larry Alva Smith, Ph.D

As Past Chapter Chairman for SCORE Grand Strand from December 2012 - September 2014 (1 year 10 months)
Work with an Executive Committee to provide leadership for volunteers who mentor business owners striving to start, save, and grow their businesses.Transforming Grand Strand Chapter's culture to become more client centric, continuous learning, and self sustaining.

Coastal Carolina University - Lecturer in the Department of Management and Decision Sciences
Full time faculty memberTeach Integrated Business Communications

Behavioral Communications Solutions, LLC - Business Consultant
Our mission is to help businesses become more profitable. In addition togeneral business consulting services, we also use an array of psychologicalassessments to help management, teams, and sales professionals improvecommunications. We first seek to understand our clients needs, then weoffer solutions that will satisfy these needs. By improving their processes andpeople, our clients are able to achieve financial success and the vision theyhave for their companies.

Real Estate Broker - Sales and rental investments


Capella University
Ph.D., Organization and Management · (2007 - 2009)

Mercer University - Stetson School of Business and Economics
Master of Science in Health Care Policy and Administration, Health Care
Administration · (1993 - 1995)

University of South Carolina-Columbia
BA, Psychology · (1979 - 1983)

Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Arthur E Simpson, Jr.

Art has been a SCORE volunteer since November 2011, and a nationally `Certified Mentor' since January 2012. 

Founder and continues to run his small manufacturing services business since 2004.  Business has grown to $9 million dollars in revenue and very successful in profitability.  As a 'certified mentor' at SCORE Art continues to advise clients in the Grand Strand from startups to existing companies with a variety of operational issues.

Academically, 15 years as an Adjunct Professor for several colleges.  Subject matter expertise: small business development, marketing, finance, business planning and operations.  Educational background:  BS & MS in Engineering (Purdue University) plus Masters in Business (Penn State). 

Registered Professional Engineer since 1973.  Demonstrated success in inventory management, P & L and Balance Sheet management, product and process development, quality, and general management.  Key focus towards growing value in all revenue levels of companies

Dr. Nicholas Twigg

Dr. Twigg has been a Grand Strand SCORE volunteer since January 5, 2011. He is a nationally `Certified Mentor' with SCORE and teaches at SCORE's Library Series Workshop on "How To Really Start A Business."

Dr. Twigg is an associate professor and the William J. Baxley, Jr. Applied Business Professor at the E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration at Coastal Carolina University. He received his Doctorate (DBA) from Louisiana Tech University in 2004. Prior to working at Coastal, Dr. Twigg delivered undergraduate and graduate courses in leadership, organizational behavior, operations management, and other business related courses at various Higher Education Institutions in Louisiana and Texas.  Dr. Twigg has worked as a Quality Manager at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley. Twigg spent 22 years in the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Program rising to the rank of Master Chief Electronics Technician, Surface Warfare qualified (ETCMSW). Master Chief Twigg was responsible for directing a 5 week course in Career programs for career specialists with the Commander of Fighter Wing One in Oceana, Virginia. His main areas of specialization are leadership, organizational behavior, and entrepreneurship. He is the vice chairman of Create!Conway a nonprofit, 501c3, civic organization, and is on the Board of Directors for the Regional Transit Authority for the southeast coast region of the U.S.



Marsha Wilmot

Marsha has been a Grand Strand volunteer since February 2018 and a Nationally ‘Certified Mentor’ April 2018.

Marsha’s business background has centered on managing architectural and engineering offices in the northeast. Her experience included managing an admin staff, financial operations of the business, overseeing a succession plan, retirement planning, human resources, and assisting the A/E field with plans and specifications for the building industry. She oversaw the professional liability program and insurances. She helped form the Society of Design Administration in New Hampshire and held many offices including several posts on the national level. Marsha has enjoyed mentoring many entry level staff members throughout her career. She also worked at Dartmouth College assisting with the Donor Relations Dept. in the Office of Development.

Marsha graduated from Castleton State College (now Castleton University) with B.S. Education, and earned several graduate courses from Keene State College.